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The Jyotish Star – March 2017

Our Jyotish Star for March is Astrologer Gregory Brozek of Toronto, Canada, interviewed by Simon Chokoisky. He studied under the guidance of the late Vedic astrologer Mantraji who transitioned from this world last month. Gregory is also, a musician, writer (Diamonds in the Sky) and Poet, while still being “real” combining spirit and matter in a refreshing way (he also has a background in municipal politics) – I am certain that you will enjoy reading his story, and knowing of his path and connection with his teachers. (and I loved reading Diamonds in the Sky his book about Mantraji!)

This month we begin a new annual varshaphal with the new Moon in Pisces chart and it looks pretty
challenged for the USA. Venus may be exalted, but it is in the 6th house of enemies! This is also the house of accidents, we will see many earth changes, disasters and earthquakes in the USA this year. (take your state’s horoscope chart and then use the new moon on March 27th with that state’s capitol city for location, for example Denver, Colorado)

We have a busy month of planetary movement with the Spring or Vernal Equinox, the Annual 2017 Varshaphal, Mars moving into its own sign of Aries, and for those of you who follow or are Neo Vedic and observe the outer planets, Uranus will become sandi at 29’00 of Pisces. (it moves to Aries on April 7)

Our Jyotish Star for April will be Vedic astrologer Adam Smith of Great Britain.

Christina Collins

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