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Vedic View

The Jyotish Star – February 2017

Editorial by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We welcome Vedic astrologer SueAnn McLean from northern California as our February 2017 Jyotish Star. She comes from a very interesting background and is also an accomplished Aikido Master. I am delighted to meet her and thank dear Juliana Swanson for the introduction and recommendation! You will certainly enjoy her interview.

      Copyright: johnson175 / 123RF Stock Photo

Saturn in Mula Sagittarius, in a kendra from exalted Venus in Pisces is the big focus this month. This interesting combination will be in the sky for months as both will go retrograde, with Saturn going back into Scorpio. Just when you thought Sade Sati was over. . . In Planetary Tips please make sure to read the March 1st information.

Juliana Swanson of Santa Fe, New Mexico has written a wonderful article for her blog on the Inauguration of the 45th US President, and has agreed to let us republish it here in the Jyotish Star. The Oath of Office, when a President utters his first word after taking the oath, is the chart we refer to when assessing how his (or her) Presidency will unfold.

Valentine’s Day this year, we will all enjoy the transiting Venus, the Planet of Love as it sits in exaltation in Pisces this year (and it will stay there for months – so if you are in an agreeable Dasa time period, this may be the time to look for that soulmate, or to put on your pink hat and propose.

Christina Collins

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