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Vedic Venues

Guidelines and Submission Form


  1. Submissions are accepted for Conferences, Seminars, Tours and Group Organizationís Webinars only.

  2. Submission about Vedic Sciences, of interest to the Vedic community or introducing basic Vedic information.

  3. Submissions must be Accepted and Approved before they are posted.

  4. Final Decision to accept a potential Venue rests with the Jyotish Star - no exceptions.

  5. Expect at least 30 Days (minimum) lead time Before the Venue will be POSTED!

  6. All Fields must be completed in the Submission Form!

  7. No Additional data or content is accepted or posted!

  8. Need More? Consider submitting a topical article at least 90 days before your venue date.

  9. These guidelines may be modified at any time WITHOUT notice.
Submission Form:

All Fields Are Required!.

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