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The Jyotish Star – October 2016

Editorial by Vachaspati Christina Collins

Our Jyotish Star for October is Alison Bodhani of Fairfield, Iowa who came highly recommended to us by Staff writer Simon Chokoisky. Alison is multi immersed in Jyotish, Ayurveda, Spirituality and Vedic knowledge.

She also has credentials in psychotherapy in which she incorporates Jyotish, though her main focus these days is Jyotish. She was raised in a remote area without electronics with parents who were avid readers, working with animals and growing. You will really enjoy what she has to offer!

Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi) continues her look at the Sun as it transits through various nakshatras. She points out that it is very important to learn the subtle essence of Nakshatra influence as well as the signs, planets and houses in your chart! You Moon nakshatra, or birth star is not your only influence! Along with the Sun, every planet resides in a specific nakshatra, depending upon the degree of the planet, and this constellational energy influences all of us as well! (and if you have missed the knowledge about your own Sun’s nakshatra, be sure to go back into the archives of the Jyotish Star and read about it!

You can still join us at the ISAR conference. There will be teachers from all over the world! And great pre conference and post conference intensives (I'm staying through Monday!) I am excited that many of my online, phone and Skype students will be attending, and I will get to meet some of you in person at last! Also, I will be assisting at the ACVA (American College for Vedic Astrology) booth on Friday afternoon, so please stop by and introduce yourself! There are still some tickets available. If you are even thinking about joining us - contact the Hilton in Orange County immediately to see if there are rooms available! See you there!

Well, the planets are changing, finally. Mars has moved away from Saturn in to Sagittarius and will exalt at the end of the month in Capricorn (at 27:07:53 EDT on August 31st). We have a couple of good days October 14th or so (depending upon location) before the Sun debilitates in Libra. If you are thinking about starting a new Venture – you’d better hurry with your “well begun” muhurta timing, as the Sun will be compromised for a couple of months (in Libra and in Scorpio) for beginning new Ventures. Because of this, even though I will be in California speaking at the ISAR conference, I will still be working on muhurtas and doing consultations for people in person, while I am there.

Our Jyotish Star for November will be Vedic astrology Marc Boney of San Diego, California. Marc is a long time and established Jyotishi with many online teaching offerings! Extremely busy, we are fortunate to finally be able to interview him! Enjoy!

Christina Collins

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