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The Jyotish Star – November 2016

Editorial by Vachaspati Christina Collins

Our Jyotish Star of the month is world renown Vedic astrologer Marc Boney of San Diego, California. Marc not only has a thriving consulting practice, but also has written numerous Jyotish books, many for Kindle on Amazon. His journey from TM teacher in the 70’s to his present-day status as a brilliant Jyotisha (under the tutelage of Shri K.N. Rao) is an interesting story. I am sure that you will enjoy his journey and we are grateful here at the Jyotish Star to finally interview with him!

(Coming Soon) Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi) brings us up to date with her article on the nakshatra that the Sun currently transits as it completes the cycle of Libra and moves into Scorpio this month with the nakshatras Vishaka and Anurada. Learning the nakshatras is crucial to the Vedic astrology student for the refined understanding of delineation!

In Planetary Tips we will see Mars move into exaltation in Capricorn just in time for the USA Presidential election. And Venus moves quickly through Sagittarius and into Capricorn at months’ end.

This Mars is Yogakaraka for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, exalted in their 6th house of enemies. See more in my article about the upcoming election.

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan receives the Nobel Prize for literature and for the 2nd time in history there is question on whether he will “accept” the award. (the other was Jean-Louis Sartre who historically declined.) the comparison of the two charts shows amazing similarity! And he has accepted and plans to attend the ceremony in Sweden.

Next month’s Jyotish Star will be Vedic astrologer Keiko Ito from Tokyo, Japan. An astrologer from a young age with Tropical Western astrology she switched to Vedic astrology in 2003 under the tutelage of Komilla Sutton.

We are sad to announce that southern Florida Vedic astrologer Jeffrey Brock passed away this month from a sudden stroke on Thursday, October 27th. We send love and support to his family and friends.

On October 22nd, a few days prior he placed his last post on FaceBook:

Jeffrey Brock shared Lessons Learned In Life Inc.'s photo.
We have reprinted a version here

October 22 at 2:17pm · On Facebook. He passed away from a stroke on Thursday, October 27th, 2016.

Christina Collins

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