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Vedic View

The Jyotish Star May 2016

Editorial by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We bring you Simon Chokoisky, Ayurvedic Practioner and Jyotishi from Phoenix, Arizona for your May Jyotish Star! He puts a new spin on Dharma and finding your life purpose. You will love his book The 5 Dharma Types, and new book Sex Love and Dharma too!

Charlotte (Jyoti Devi) Benson continues her series on the Nakshatras that the Sun will transit through this sidereal month Bharani, Krittika and Rohini. Learning the nakshatras of all of your planets (not just the moon) gives a deeper meaning and understanding of your chart!

We continue with the difficult Jupiter/Rahu in Leo and Mars/Saturn in Scorpio transits all month. As we begin May 6 planets will be retrograde, Rahu and Ketu (always Rx), Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. Energy all month will feel like trying to run with no feet, dragging and intense.

And, we have lost yet again a brilliant musician Prince. One reason that we are losing so many musicians is that the music axis is Taurus and Scorpio, and many musicians have planets in either or both signs. With Mars and Saturn, the two most powerful malefics aspecting both signs, many musicians have and will be crossing over to the other side.

Look forward next month to our special interview with media expert and Ayurvedic practioner Lissa Coffey of Westlake Village, California.

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