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Vedic View

The Jyotish Star Ė July 2017

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

Juliana Swanson interviewed Chandrashekhar Sharma of Nagpur in central India for our Jyotish Star for July 2017. Chandrashekhar comes from a lineage of astrologers, and began his own studies over 60 years ago at the age of 8. An astrologer, a teacher of astrology and an author, I am sure you will enjoy his interview!

The planets are a bit rough this month, which began last month with the retrogradation of Saturn once again into Scorpio, and will decline further this month, as Saturnís dispositor moves from enemy sign of Mercury into debilitation in Cancer. A few good moments will continue as Venus continues in own sign of Taurus, receiving an aspect from Jupiter in Virgo.

Simon Chokoisky, at my request wrote up a synopsis of his new book on gaming using Vedic astrology, A Gamblerís Dharma. He also lists his most recent wins and losses using this system. In my experience, there are very few researched books on this topic, in Vedic astrology. I recall the Astrology of the Turf which I picked up somewhere years ago, but it is a small short study, and nothing of the magnitude of this new offering. I just received mine, and am hoping this holiday weekend to have a chance to read it! ( you can get it at

Next month we have the big eclipse going across the United States! Look forward to Augustís issue with more on the impact of the total eclipse!

Christina Collins

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