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The Jyotish Star – December 2016

Editorial by Vachaspati Christina Collins

Our Jyotish Star for December is Tokyo based Keiko Ito. A western astrologer for many years (Tropical) and since 2003 under the tutelage of Komilla Sutton she has become a well-known Jyotishi in her own right. We are sure you will enjoy her interesting Journey and how she arrived at her true dharma.

Two Parivartana Yogas begin the month with Mars and Saturn exchanging signs (Capricorn and Scorpio) and Jupiter and Mercury also exchanging signs (Virgo and Pisces). Very intense and powerful beginning to the month of December.

Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi) completes her series on the nakshatras that the Sun transits through in December. It is very important in understanding the Moon and the other planets to be aware of the subtle changes that occur as the Nakshatra a planet is transiting through changes. This month Jupiter will change nakshatras as well, going from Hasta (a Moon ruled Star) into Chitra (a star of Mars.) thank you Charlotte for a great series!

Our Jyotish Star of the Month for January will be announced with the publication on January 1 st of the New Year’s issue. The January Jyotish star is always our Star of the Year (as well as the Star of the Month for January) and will receive the prestigious Jyotish Vashista award from the Jyotish Star

Christina Collins

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