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Planetary Tips

November 1st to November 30th 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin November with the Sun and Mercury in close conjunction with Mercury in Libra. The Moon, sandi and debilitated in Sade Sati with Saturn and Venus in Scorpio. As Mars just reaches exaltation, it cancels the debilitation of the moon (Neecha Banga Raja Yoga) yet initially they are both at zero degrees, sandi and very weak. Until they reach a degree of arc, they can be troublesome. The Parivartana Yoga, as these two most powerful malefics exchange houses will bring even more negative confrontational energy to the upcoming USA elections.

The Sun, in Neecha has debilitation cancelled by its initial position in the 4th house kendra. An hour later, when the ascendant changes to Cancer, with Rahu and Ketu going 1st and 7, with the Sun and Moon both challenged by being in their weakest signs be grateful this is happening at midnight when most will be sleeping. Still, once the ascendant moves past the degree of Rahu, we begin another two weeks of all the planets hemmed between the nodes forming Kala sarpa yoga, (where Rahu, the “head” of the snake swallows up all the planets giving a high tide, low tide effect).

Add to this mixture the fact that Ketu (always retrograde) and Neptune (for those neo-vedic astrologers and readers out there) are in a very tricky conjunction tight by degree, in an air sign. Also, Jupiter is in Hasta (the nakshatra of the Moon) and the Moon is in Vishaka (the nakshatra of Jupiter). This nakshatra exchange of each other’s rulers is a positive addition to the moon in a weak state (in debilitation in Scorpio). (Also in weak ashtakavarga with house points of 21 when you need at least 25 for strength). Navamsha: the fact that Mars is Vargottoma (in same sign in Navamsa) in exaltation in Capricorn and the Moon in own sign of Cancer also cancel the debilitation of the Moon.

With Mars transiting an earth sign (Capricorn) while aspecting two fire signs (Aries own sign, and Leo friends sign, and Saturn aspecting two earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn), and Jupiter aspecting Mars and Taurus) Mars is extremely powerful right now. Jupiter in Virgo can often be a tricky transit, because the most unstable planet Mercury is the depositor or ruler of Virgo – so for a year, we observe when Mercury’s transit has difficulties and know that Jupiter’s ability to do good and be fortunate can lesson at those times. We begin with Mercury combust the Sun.

Note that the degree of Mercury in Libra as we begin November is within 2 degrees of a Libra (debilitated) Sun and within 1 degree of the degree of both nodes, Rahu and Ketu. (Also note that in the Navamsa Mercury is in Pisces conjunct Ketu – while this transit is great for intuition depending upon your chart, it makes Mercury even more unpredictable in expression.)

We can expect great winds that increase fire danger throughout the month. (as well as explosions, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes) Ketu in Aquarius resides in an air sign and aspects fire, Rahu is in a fire sign and aspects a fire by position in Leo, and fire by 5th and 9th aspects, both Sagittarius and Aries. If you live in a fire prone area take extra precautions with fire – from being prepared for major relocation emergencies to not leaving candles or incense burning when not in attendance or in the room. To simplify:

Mars is aspecting Aries/Fire, Cancer/Water, Leo/Fire

Saturn is aspecting Water/Scorpio, Earth/Taurus, and Fire/Leo

Jupiter is aspecting Earth/Virgo, Earth/Capricorn, and Earth/Taurus

Rahu is aspecting 3 fire signs and one air sign (Leo/Sag/Ari, and Aqu)

Ketu is aspecting 3 air signs and one fire sign (Aqu/Gem/Lib) and Leo

(last month Mars in Sag. was aspecting Fire/Sag by position, Water/Pis by 4th aspect, Gem/Ari by opposition and Cancer/Water by 8th aspect.) the move to exaltation combined with the position of Saturn and the parivartana yoga between the two (Saturn resides in Scorpio, the sign of Mars and Mars in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn) this exchange of lordships makes the two strongest malefic planets, Mars and Saturn extremely powerful and potentially difficult. This will increase as the depositor of Jupiter, Mercury moves closer to combustion with the Sun in degree, and as it moves in with Saturn in Scorpio without the assistance of friend Venus. By the time Mercury reaches zero degrees of Scorpio, Venus will be in difficulty transiting in Sagittarius in a papa ketari yoga hemmed between Saturn and Mars which will be in place until December 1st. (Don’t get engaged or marry with Venus this compromised – also be cautious with other Venus related matters like finances and investing – or consult a competent astrologer before acting)

November 1 Mars moves into Capricorn (a couple of hours before midnight) and the Moon moves into debilitation which is usually Neecha Banga, but won’t improve until Mars reaches at least a degree of arc)

November 3,4,and 5 Moon will be in Sagittarius hemmed between malefics Saturn and Mars - individual thinking may be heated and angry, even impulsive. (fill out your ballot to Vote in the USA, if possible before or after this “hot” tempered moon transit.

November 6 Mars and Moon will be closely conjunct. The Sun and Saturn will be the same degree at 20’55 and Venus will be Sandi at 29’40. This combo does not look that great to me. Always take more care in vehicles, when Venus the signification planet for vehicles is 29 or zero degrees. DLST ends for areas that observe the change of time.

November 7 Venus moves to Sagittarius where it will be in papa ketari yoga, hemmed between Saturn and Mars. Just before midnight Mercury becomes sandi at 29’00 Libra.

November 8 From 2:10 am EDT until 15:55 pm there will be a kala sarpa yoga in place will all planets hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. At 15:09:27 Mercury changes signs to 00’00 Scorpio.

If you waited until the last minute to vote, please consider voting either before the 8th where offered, or after 3:55pm. You may have clarity of consciousness during this transit, but the people around you may not.

November 9 Moon, Ketu and Neptune will be in close degree in Aquarius. (the 7th house for the Presidential Candidates. Expect dissent the day after the election with this transit in place)

November 14 the Sun becomes sandi at 29 Libra as it moves out of debilitation and closer to Saturn. Avoid travel with the Sun changing signs. Saturn aspecting Mars increases risk from fire as well and increases earthquakes with Mars in an earth sign and Saturn aspecting a fire and and two earth signs.

November 15 the Sun moves to Scorpio

November 21 and 22nd Moon will be with Rahu in Leo beginning another 2 weeks of kala sarpa yoga.

November 23 and 24 improves with a Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Gaja Keseri (elephant/lion) yoga.

November 25 the moon will be in shubra ketari yoga (hemmed between benefics) for a couple of days. This is a good time for balanced thinking and planning.

November 27 Mercury becomes sandi at 29

November 28 Mercury moves to Sagittarius

November 29 the Moon is in papa ketari between Sun and Saturn and it’s a new moon day as well, very weak and so hard on the emotions.

November 30 a nice conjunction of 3 benefics in Sagittarius and the rising sign not yet involved with the kala sarpa yoga.

December 1 and 2 Venus will become sandi at 29’00 of Sagittarius and 00’00 degrees of Capricorn.

Christina Collins Biography

Christina CollinsChristina Collins, Jyotish Visharada, CVA, Jyotish Kovid, ICAS and CVA, Jyotish Vachaspati, ICAS, Jyotish Medha Pragya, ICAS and Jyotish Mahasagara from Raman and Rajeshwari Foundation 2013, is a third generation Astrologer specializing in the Vedic system. She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Council for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India, from CVA (Council for Vedic Astrology, USA), from the ICAS in Bangalore, from the Raman and Rajeshwari Foundation in 2013 and the Jyotish Navaratna from ACVA (American College for Vedic Astrology) in 2014.

From1997 to 2012, she was the first and sole American woman to be honored by the highly held title of Jyotish Vachaspati (Jyotish - the light bearer and Vachaspati - the one who speaks the truth and whose predictions come true. (In
Sanskrit, Vac = speech and Brihaspati is a name of Jupiter the planet of wisdom and truth. Her most recent honor from India, the Jyotish Medha Pragya title, means that consciousness has merged with Jyotish.

As a founding member, she currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA online), and was former Editor of the ACVA News. President of Celestial Resource (The Timing Coach) she serves corporate and private clients from students to celebrities. For the Jyotish Star you can reach her in Boulder CO at, and for consultations:

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Christina Collins, J.K., J.V.
Editor in Chief The Jyotish Star
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