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Planetary Tips

May 1st to May 31st 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin May with Sun exalted in Aries, not quite combusting Venus and Mercury retrograde at 29’15 Aries. Jupiter and Rahu, both retrograde in Leo, Mars and Saturn both retrograde in Scorpio, and Moon also sadi at 29’52 in Capricorn, and Ketu in Aquarius (always retrograde). So we begin the month with a weak Mercury, who went retrograde on April 28th and will continue all month. Jupiter in Leo, along with Rahu will both be aspecting Venus in Aries all month, this could cause issues in Love and Marriage, both good and difficult.

The big focus this month is that there are 6 planets in retrograde motion, until Jupiter goes direct on May 9th, and becoming 4 when Mercury goes direct on the 22nd. Retrograde intensifies energy. Planets are very power when they are retrograde, benefics are powerful to produce more “good” and malefics are powerful to produce more “bad.” Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn continue in retrograde motion all month. It can make you feel like you are trying to walk forward while magnets are pulling you in the opposite direction.

Rahu’s aspect to Venus give rise to love “karma” and with Mars in own sign of Scorpio (the dispositor of the exalted Sun for the first two weeks of the month) this could bring new romance into many lives, especially for those with planets in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. We can also expect increased earthquakes to continue all month with Mars ever nearing exact conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio and both planets aspecting earth signs. Explosions and eruptions will continue as well with Mars aspecting two air signs, Aquarius and Gemini.

Politics will continue to be both bizarre and dominant as the beginning of the month we have a Sagittarius rising chart mirroring the USA chart. And with this conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the 11th house of gains for Hillary Clinton (and also the observance of the chart for 6pm PST when the polls close on election day, the “weather report” looks like this combination will give us the first woman President of the United States. Once we have a running mate that chart will also need to be observed for confirmation that the poll closing chart agrees.

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart One

May 1 Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries, Jupiter and Rahu in Leo, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, Moon sandi in Capricorn, Ketu in Aquarius.

May 2 and 3 Moon will transit with Ketu, aspected by Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Mars. These two days will give unclear thinking and ideas.

May 4 and 5 Jupiter and Rahu will aspect all the benefics, Moon, Venus, and Mercury as well as the exalted Sun – and in Aries. This is great for love, sports and fun, but be careful with the Rahu influence to not be too big of a risk taker.

May 8 and 9 Sun and Moon will be both be exalted – which happens once a year. The effect varies according to the placement of the other planets, and now that Venus has left exaltation for Aries, some challenges will be there this year, as the ruler of the exalted Moon in Taurus, Venus, transits in the 12th house from the Moon.

May 9 The Sun will be receiving the aspect of Rahu in exact degree, Mercury, in close combust to the Sun will also be affected. Mars will also aspect an Ardra Moon within a degree. (a Rahu ruled Moon) At 6:45:24 am EDT Jupiter goes direct. This means that Rahu and Jupiter are now going towards each other, and Jupiter is faster. This is happening in a fire sign. Be cautious around fire, stoves, etc.

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Two

May 12 and 13 our last exalted Sun with Moon in own sign of Cancer for this year. Good for some muhurtas, those not based on communication (because Mercury will be retrograde). The 12th is better than the 13th because the Sun goes sandi at 29’00 Aries at 6:38 am on this day.

May 14 the Sun leaves exaltation for Taurus.

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Four

May 15 and 16 the Moon will be in Leo aspected by Rahu and Ketu, great for some for intuition, cloudy for others, depending upon your own natal charts. If you are reading this, and want to schedule a consultation with me (Christina) you will receive a $75 discount, email the office with “hidden discount offer just for May 2016” email:

May 16 to 22 the Moon will be transiting in Virgo and Libra hemmed between malefics Rahu and Saturn, then it will move to conjunction with Mars and Saturn for 2 days, the most challenging will be when Moon is between Mars and Saturn. Danger could be found in both Water and Air (boating, flying) on the 22nd. A saving grace could be that Moon will be in Anurada. If you have to have a debilitated Moon, they say hope it is Anurada, Saturn’s star. For Saturn “stabilizes” the moon, with a grounding effect. Of course in the example below, Moon is aspected by Mars in its own sign, so this is Neecha Banga Raja Yoga, cancellation of debilitation. Still, it is a papa ketari yoga, as it is hemmed between malefics, and of course a sadi sati as Moon is conjunct Saturn.

May 18 Venus goes sandi at 29 Aries, as it prepares to move to its own sign of Taurus.

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Five

May 19 Venus moves into Taurus, still combust the Sun

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Six

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Seven

May 22 Mercury goes direct 10:15:10 am EDT

May 23 Moon moves to Sagittarius and improves as Jupiter aspects the Moon and its own house. Of course, Rahu aspects as well, so expect the unexpected.

Planetary Tips May 2016 Chart Eight

May 28, 29 and 30 Moon will be in Aquarius, aspected by Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter and Mars. Not good for decision making . at least Mars and Venus will both be in their own signs and aspecting each other. Still, the Mars Saturn conjunction is difficult. The axis for music is Taurus and Scorpio, and this malefic conjunction to the charts of musicians who often have Sun in Taurus or Scorpio is dominantly why we are losing so many powerful artists to the other side.


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