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Planetary Tips

June 1st to June 30th 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin June with the Sun in Taurus in the Moon’s nakshatra Rohini, in combustion conjunction with Venus in her own sign. The Jupiter/Rahu in Leo and Mars/Saturn in Scorpio conjunctions continue with Jupiter now direct and moving towards Rahu as Rahu retrogrades back towards Cancer. In other words they are now moving towards each other, which of course carries challenge. Rahu will reduce the goodness of Jupiter in Leo, and Jupiter’s aspect improves the condition of Rahu. A balance of sorts. One improvement is the fact that Rahu no longer aspects the Sun as it did when the Sun transited Aries, and one detriment is that Jupiter no longer aspects its friend, the Sun. Rahu does aspect Mercury in Aries at the beginning of the month which can cause “blind” rage or anger and/or unclear thinking especially for those who also have Mercury in the sign of Aries. In a couple of days the Sun will move into exact opposition with Saturn which can make people feel “stuck” or restricted in movement. This of course is a Taurus, earth sign Sun and when Mars and Saturn both aspect earth signs the danger of earthquakes and earth disasters increases.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 1

June 3 Sun will be in exact opposition to Saturn. They both are inimical to each other and have different nature. The Sun “shines” and Saturn restricts. Also Saturn is the son of the Sun which brings the challenge. Do not start a new venture on this day.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 2

June 4 Venus moves to the same degree as the Sun in exact conjunction.

June 4 New Moon (exalted) in Taurus with Venus and Jupiter both also at 20 degrees. Even with the Mars Saturn opposition, this is nice energy for social events.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 3

June 7 Mercury goes sandi in Aries as it prepares to move to Taurus.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 4

June 8 Mercury moves to Taurus. It will take about 24 hours to reach strength at 1 degree.

June 12 Venus becomes sandi at 29 degrees of Taurus, then later in the day, Mars moves into zero sandi as it retrogrades back towards Libra.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 5

June 13 Venus moves to Gemini and the Sun becomes sandi at 29 degrees Taurus. That makes three planets sandi at the same time, Mars, Venus and the Sun. this is a Monday, so be careful driving to work especially for people with planets in Leo, or when the rising sign in your area is Leo.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 6

June 14 the Sun moves to Gemini. When this happens, Mars will be aspecting the sun in exact degree. Avoid flying, especially over water.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 7

June 17 Mars retrogrades back to Libra. As Saturn is retrograde, it is powerful though in a sign of Mars. Mars will stay at the degree 29 until June 28th. This is very unstable, especially for people with planets or ascendants that are 29 degrees, regardless of sign.

Planetary Tps Junew 2016 Chart 8

June 19 Jupiter and Rahu will both be 21 degrees of Leo until June 23rd when Jupiter moves towards Virgo while Rahu moves towards Cancer. By July 1st they will be 3 degrees apart while separating.

June 20 Full Moon in Sagittarius – and the moon is aspected by Jupiter and Rahu.

June 26 Mercury will reach 29°00 – a weak degree and Mars will throw its 8th aspect at this Mercury from Libra. Note the degree of Mars when this happens, yes 29°02. With Mars aspect two earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus, and the Sun in windy Gemini, in Ardra nakshatra (the most challenging of the 27 stars) be observant of fires especially in windy areas. You may be tempted to cook outside on open flames, because this happens on a Sunday morning in the USA. Make a different plan. This is a dangerous transit with Moon and Ketu in close conjunction, also in an air sign. That makes 5 planets in air signs on this weekend, with Mars and Saturn both aspecting two earth signs. Capricorn and Taurus. We could see severe winds and/or fires under these conditions. Even explosions, volcanic eruptions and air disasters.

Planetary Tps June 2016 Chart 26

June 29 Mars goes direct in Libra (still sandi)

Planetary Tps June 2016 Chart 9


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