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Planetary Tips

July 1st to July 31st 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin July with a lovely exalted Moon nearing “high” exaltation at 3 degrees of Taurus. Mercury in own sign of Gemini in Rahu ruled Ardra, one of the difficult stars of the zodiac, in combustion degrees with the Sun, also in Ardra. Venus in Gemini (also at the edge of combustion with the Sun) in the free and pure Jupiter ruled star Punarvasu, Rahu and Jupiter continue in tight degree conjunction in Leo. Mars, sandi and direct again at 28’58 Libra, Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and Ketu in Aquarius.

Even though the Moon and Chandra lagna is well placed, it receives the malefic aspect of both Mars and Saturn, and Ketu is close to the Aquarius ascendant. Jupiter is said to “heal” a chart when it aspects the ascendant, and at 23’00 Leo the aspect to 23’35 Aquarius is almost exact. Of course this rule may improve a Saturn ruled ascendant, still Saturn is a stronger benefic for the beginning of July as it is friends with a Gemini Sun, ruler of the Aquarius ascendant and Yogakaraka producing planet for a Taurus Moon. (ruler of an angle and a trine, Capricorn and Aquarius from the Moon).

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant One

July 2 Moon move into Gemini forming a 4 planet conjunction. This could be a difficult holiday weekend for those with placements in Scorpio. (4 planets in the 8th house, Saturn in the lagna (ascendant) and ruler of Scorpio, Mars, transiting in the 12th house, becoming sandi at 29’02 degrees).

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Two

July 6 Venus is sandi and begins to lose power at 29 degrees of Gemini, while dispositor, Mercury is exactly combusting the Sun. Mars is also 29 degrees of Libra, as it avoids an uncomfortable stay in Virgo as it retrogrades on the 12th and the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer which sweetens up the 6th and 7th.

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Three

July 7 Venus moves to Cancer

July 10 Mercury becomes sandi at 29’00 Gemini as it prepares to leave its own sign.

July 11th Mercury moves to Cancer just after midnight (EDT)

July 12 Mars returns to Scorpio where it will continue until mid-September. Moon will also be sandi at 29 degrees when this change initially occurs, and on a Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Be carefully driving in the early hours of the day (for EDT).

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Four

July 14 the Sun becomes weak at 29 degrees of Gemini, as this happens Mars, also weak at zero degrees and in a 6/8 aspect with the Sun, and aspecting the Sun by its 8th aspect will give us an unstable day. Add to this the position of the debilitated Moon in Scorpio, even though Neecha Banga (a debilitated planet aspected by a planet in its own sign) it is still in papa ketari yoga, hemmed between two major malefics Mars and Saturn – and it’s a good time for status quo – taking it easy, resting more, and not making major decisions. Even driving will have challenges – especially for the fixed signs. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Five

July 15 The Sun moves to Cancer – and Mars has not yet moved to 1 degree. When it does this will be very invigorating for Cancer ruled people, as Mars is their Yogakaraka (planet of power) transiting in great strength in its own sign.

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Six

July 26 Mercury becomes sandi at 29 Cancer

July 27 Mercury moves to Leo

Planetary Tips July 2016 Chant Seven

July 29 Mercury and Mars will be in angles (kendras) from each other in the same degree. Keep your “cool” mentally and physically.

Next month begins our next set of eclipses as the Sun moves (in a couple of weeks) into Leo and falls into aspect with Rahu and Ketu.


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