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Planetary Tips

January 1st to January 31st 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin the New Year with the Sun in Sagittarius and all of the planets, Mars in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, and Mercury in Capricorn – except for the Sun’s ruler Jupiter still in Leo hemmed in by Rahu and Ketu, a slight version of Kala Sarpa yoga. The Nodes are still sandi, now at 00°47, with Ketu in Pisces and Rahu in Virgo as they retrograde out of these signs, leaving them for another 18 years. (January 29, 2033) – So this New Year will really be an “out with the old, in with the new” kind of experience as the Nodes move to Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius. As the nodes retrograde into Leo they will be joining Jupiter in the 29th degree and they will retrograde together in this Kodanda Rahu (“big Rahu”) transit until late August when Jupiter moves to Virgo.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart One

January 1 Mars in Libra, is in parivartana yoga (exchanging houses) with Venus in Scorpio. Normally this would be a nice energetic male/female attracting magnetic situation, but as Mars aspects Mercury its enemy, and Saturn also aspects Mercury in Capricorn, and weak (by degree and unstable) Rahu also aspects Mercury – thinking may lack clarity, and care should be taken in driving if you are Libra rising or Moon, or during the 2 hour transit of Libra ascendant is rising – wherever you might be located.

January 2 Mars aspects Mercury by exact degree.

January 3 Mars and Moon in tight conjunction and Mars aspects Mercury just behind in degree. This is not an aspect for calm, clear thinking. It can also cause anxiety. Pranayama, Yoga, herbal tea – plans for this day. We pay special attention when planets are around the degrees 5°23 as they trigger the degrees of the Sun and Moon in the annual Varsh chart. For every country. For example when Rahu and Ketu were transiting this degree was when the attack on Paris occurred.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Two

January 5 Mercury goes retrograde. Retrograde motion increases a planet’s power.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Three

January 8 Rahu moves to 29°59 Leo, joining Jupiter, also retrograde in the same degree.

Venus and Saturn will also be the same degree in Scorpio. The Lagna of 29°26 Sag at the time of the nodal change receives the strong 9th aspect of Jupiter and Rahu, now both the same degree of 29° Leo.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Four

When you look at the 2015 March annual varshaphal chart for the USA, this amplifies the 8th and 12th houses of that chart. Also the USA (Kelleher) nation chart has Sagittarius rising though earlier in degree. On an interesting note, the transiting Rahu and Jupiter at 29 Leo aspects the USA Varsh Pluto at 21, they will both reach 21°16 degrees on April 4th for Jupiter and June 23rd for Rahu. Even though the new 2016 Varsh will be in effect April 7th at 7:24pm the 2015 Varshaphal will still be in effect for the transiting Jupiter who aspected that 12th house Pluto last March. (I am doing research with the Vedic use of outer planets and their effects – so we will see if something dramatic happens involving the USA and 12th house energy in April 2016 when transiting Jupiter aspects this point.).

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Five

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Six

January 8 Rahu and Ketu change signs to Leo and Aquarius. This will continue until late summer. This conjunction of Rahu with a benefic Jupiter (Jupiter in its own sign of Leo) expands the nature of Rahu. Whether a good or negative effect differs depending upon the rising sign and the other planets aspecting. May bring sudden wealth or sudden enemies, especially when Rahu transits in house six. As Jupiter aspects Sagittarius, this conjunction creates a "form" of Kodanda Rahu yoga.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Seven

January 9 New Moon in Sagittarius enjoying the close 5th aspect of Jupiter from Leo with the unpredictable Rahu (the head of the snake, who got the brain and the poison) also sending an aspect to this 24°08 conjunction of the Sun and Moon. This occurs in the 9th house of the USA Nation chart. New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are at the same degree. It is usually a difficult time, as this is combustion (by the Sun) of the Moon. The further the Moon moves away from the Sun (4 or 5 houses to full at 7) the stronger the Moon becomes, then weakens again as it starts to wane.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Eight

January 12 to 14 Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius joining the Sun in sandi combustion at 29°49 and we will see the first of the Moon/Ketu conjunctions in Aquarius, exact in degree of 29°24 at the same time. These six planets in same degree, each either just changing signs (or in the case of the nodes, having already changed) is a very unstable planetary combination. In each case, a benefic with a malefic (taking the premise that the Sun is Malefic.) Four of these placements are in Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) and the Ketu and Moon are in Air. This could bring explosions, air disasters, and earthquakes (because Mars is also aspecting an Earth sign and volcanic activity. This occurs on a Thursday, Friday in the states. This is a stay home for the weekend and don’t fly day.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Nine

January 14 Makar Sankranti (Sun moves into Makara or Capricorn) signaling 4 days of Indian holidays celebrating Harvest.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Ten

January 18 Just as the day begins Venus becomes sandi at 29, joining the degree of Rahu and Ketu. (Love could be fact, love could be fantasy.)

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Eleven

January 18 Venus moves to Sagittarius.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Twelve

January 23 Full Moon in Cancer (and Mercury retrograding over the 21 Sag. Annual chart Pluto – we will see if mental unrest happens under this already crazy making full moon. Moon rules the mind or consciousness, Mercury rules the intellect.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Thirteen

January 25 Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius.

January 27 well, we have our first Moon Rahu Jupiter in Leo conjunction forming a Kala Sarpa yoga (all of the planets between the nodes, including the rising sign.) This is a “high tide/low tide” situation, where situations may rise high (as in stocks, tempers, happiness) then crash and fall very low.

Once the moon transits into the sign of Leo we will have two weeks of this situation until the moon reaches Pisces every month until the Sun transits into Pisces (two months). So, basically this is a “karmic” situation. The nodes of the moon Rahu (north) and Ketu (south) are upa grahas (shadow grabbers) they grab energy onto themselves and become very powerful, especially with the aspect of a good Jupiter (in Leo, in a friend’s sign) the law of karma is that which goes out, returns. So this two week period for the next couple of months may very well bring up situations that we need to address, confront, deal with or dismiss. Rahu represents what we are here to learn, Ketu what we need to do in order to accomplish the destiny of incarnation. Ketu is much like, “clean out the closet to get new clothes.” Simply they are the shadows that are the eclipse points, the shadow of the Sun/Moon/Earth in an eclipse and we have a big solar eclipse coming up in soon!

This particular first Kala Sarpa yoga of the nodes in their new position seem very interesting with the Rahu/Jupiter/Moon conjunction each at 28-29 degrees. This should bring out some illuminating (or shadowed) Leo commentary (political). Or cause some high challenges for Kings and Presidents alike.

Planetary Tips January 2016 Chart Fourteen

We will have some challenging transits this year, which ultimately bring transformation. Take time to enjoy life and appreciate what is yours in the moment, for with Jupiter expanding the effect of Rahu and Rahu affecting the joy and expansion of Jupiter we may be in for a bumpy ride. This is a year indeed for positive thinking. Listening to the movie The Secret, and its tapes. The movie about Yogananda’s life Awake. Also I recommend the book The Passion Test (Attwood), especially if these nodes suddenly give you a change or make you want a change in direction.

Happy New Year everyone!

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