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Planetary Tips

February 1st to February 29th 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

Our overview for 2016 shows that these initial months of the year will continue to be a little and even increasingly tough. I will be writing about the recent loss of so many great musicians in January in the Jyotish Star as soon as we can get accurate birth times.

Retrograde Jupiter with the influence of always Retrograde Rahu exhibits many aspects of challenge. Jupiter represents the qualities of Law, Abundance, Expansion, Wisdom, Freedom and Dharma or correct action. Rahu represents poison, karmic lessons to learn, indulgences as an Upagraha (graha is planet, upa means shadow, graha’s “grab” energy onto themselves, as Upagrahas, Rahu (and Ketu) take on the energy of the planet(s) aspecting them, and/or the ruler of the sign in which they are posited. So, on the one hand eclipse point Rahu will absorb good and benefic Jupiter energy as Jupiter transits through Leo the sign of Jupiter’s friend the Sun. On the other hand, Jupiter will be shadowed and poisoned to perform as well as it could without the presence of malefic Rahu in close same degree conjunction, also retrograde. On the other hand Jupiter will keep Rahu in check, and keep it from being extreme. This will continue for months until the end of April when Jupiter breaks out of the 8 degree orb of Rahu’s influence. Then, Jupiter will go direct in motion on July 10th heading once again to unite with Rahu in mid-June.

Three major malefics will be in kendras (angles) from each other until Mars retrogrades mid-June as well. Rahu in Leo, Saturn and Mars (mortal enemies themselves) in Scorpio, and Ketu in Aquarius.

So, the sign Leo is our “hot” house right now. Leo receives the aspect of Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn, joined by the Sun mid month. Once Mars moves into Scorpio, though it will fortify the sign as it will be in its own sign of Scorpio, it will strengthen the strength of Saturn. Saturn rules oil, so we could see continued ups and downs in that commodity. Jupiter, ruler of the metallic gold commodity will also be affected, by its continued transit in Guru Chandala (Jupiter with Rahu) yoga also known as a form of Kodanda Rahu (Jupiter aspecting Rahu, when the sign Sagittarius is activated. And the transiting Rahu and Jupiter both aspect the sign of Sagittarius, along with an aspect to Aquarius, and Aries. This dramatic duo will end in August when Jupiter moves to Virgo. Of course, Rahu will be even more malefic then as it transits without the support of a benefic Jupiter in Leo.

February 2016

We begin the month with the Sun in Capricorn. Sun, as dispositor of the Jupiter and Rahu transiting Leo will not be able to “shine” in its fullness. This represents very well, one of the reasons that Capricorn indicates the sign of the sea goat, who climbs to the top, reaches the summit, then finds another mountain to climb. For Capricorns, Sun is the ruler of the 8th house. The dustana house of either “unearned” wealth or legacy, and the house of untold suffering and chronic illness. The fact that the Sun is in 6/8 axis with Rahu and Jupiter, and rules the sign Leo where Rahu is posited will prove very challenging as the month continues. The Capricorn house itself is somewhat fortified by the aspect from Scorpio of Saturn, the sign’s ruler.

Some improvement will be felt as the Sun transits into Aquarius mid-month and receives the direct aspect of Jupiter. Still Sun will be weakened in power conjunct Ketu ever edging towards our first 2016 eclipse in March.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart One

February 1 Moon and Mars in Libra in tight Chandra Mangal yoga begins the month. The next day the moon moves into Scorpio between the degrees of Mars and Saturn forming a papa ketari of a debilitated Moon. This is not good for clarity of thought. Mercury and Venus, best friend transit together in Sagittarius. Their dispositor Jupiter conjunct Rahu aspecting them will make most people long for freedom and escape. It’s a good time to do yoga or some kind of movement or exercise, as overall this is not a calming situation. Saturn continues in Scorpio and in a couple of days will aspect the Sun in exact degree.

February 5 Moon, after a few days of compromise conjunct first Mars for 3 days then Saturn for 3 days, moves into Sagittarius joining Mercury and Venus, with the aspect of Jupiter we see 4 benefics aspect the sign Sagittarius.

Mars will be in Jupiter’s star,

Saturn will be in Mercury’s star,

Moon and Venus will be in Venus’s star,

Mercury will be in the star of the Sun

Sun will be in the star of the moon.

Ketu is in Jupiter’s star and

Jupiter is in the Star of the Sun.

They are all in either a friend’s or their own nakshatra.

Except one little culprit. Rahu will be in the Star of the Sun and Sun is an enemy to Rahu. At least some grace is present as Jupiter so closely conjuncts Rahu, though it weakens Jupiter, it enhances Rahu.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Two

Feb 8 Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

The Sun will change from the Moon’s star of Sravana to Mar’s star of Dhanishta. This is a more volatile Sun than Sravana, and as the Sun receives an aspect from both Saturn and Mars at very close degree (Sun 22°10, Saturn 20°24 and Mars 23°10) and we have Mars aspecting an earth sign, we could see the increase of earthquakes and explosions (Mars in an air sign). This is good for intensive sports and because it is said that a planet casts a shadow, the night before, Feb 7th the Football Superbowl should be very exciting, and yet we may see some major injuries.

Also the new moon in Capricorn will begin at 9:39 am EST.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Three

Finally on February 8th Mercury will change signs to Capricorn

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Four

February 12 Venus changes signs to Capricorn and the Sun becomes weak at 29’00 and both occur at the same time hemming Mercury between two weak planets. This is not a day to make big decisions. It will be a difficult day as this 3 planet conjunction is not aspected by any benefic, but it is aspected by Saturn and Mars, both malefic.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Five

February 13 Sun moves to Aquarius. When this happens, it will not be an eclipse, because the moon is too distant from the Sun. the Sun however, will transit with Ketu and just as this change happens, Mars reaches near exact degree of Rahu and Ketu. Wind, Fire, Explosions, Eruptions and Air disasters all happen under this combination.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Six

February 14 Happy Valentine’s Day – the moon will be in Aries and Mars aspects the Moon (and Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication). Aries is very spontaneous. Take a love risk and ask someone to be your Valentine!

February 17 Mars goes sandi at 29°00 Libra. This is very powerful rather than weak as Mars prepares to enter its own sign. Joining his major enemy, Saturn. Mars is in high orbit right now (transiting very slowly) so it will be in Scorpio both direct and retrograde until September 17th. Yes. And all the time transiting with Saturn! This will alleviate some of the suffering of the sign Scorpio though. Mars in its own sign will strength the sign. Jupiter will change nakshatra this day as well to Purva Phalguni similar to Uttara Phalguni – both very good nakshatras – and the beginning of Jupiter (who has a shorter orbit) moving more and more degrees away from Rahu. Of course later in the year Jupiter will change from retrograde motion to direct and will rejoin its close orbit with Rahu.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Seven

February 20 Mars moves into Scorpio.

Planetary Tips February 2016 Chart Eight

February 29 Yes, this is an intercalary year. Leap Year. Irish tradition says that this is the year that the ladies ask the men to marry them. So guys, if you have a lady in mind, you might want to send her your birth data so that she can astrologically choose!

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