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Planetary Tips

December 1st to December 31st 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin December with Rahu and Ketu right on the ascendant for Washington DC indicating further conflict especially in the realm of politics (in the sign Leo) this month. Jupiter continues in Virgo and will continue direct all month until it retrogrades at 29 degrees on February 7th. The Sun in Scorpio is moving ever closer to exact combustion with Saturn on the 10th of December. Saturn and Mars continue in parivartana yoga (exchanging signs – Mars is exalted in the sign of Saturn/Capricorn and Saturn is transiting in Scorpio the sign of Mars) which strengthens the two malefics. (strength means strong, not necessarily “good”)

Venus, Moon and Mercury begin the month transiting together in the sign of Sagittarius so mind, intellect and love will be focused on freedom. You will see this reflected in the news. Especially with young people regarding freedom(s). (Jupiter and Mercury are also in Parivartana yoga. This combination of Jupiter/Mercury and Mars/Saturn, both in parivartana, exchanging signs they own – we could seem some major scientific breakthrough in the next few months!

All the inner planets will be in Kala Sarpa yoga (hemmed between Rahu and Ketu for another 5 days or so – until the Moon transits into Aquarius, past the degree of Ketu. This makes our momentum feel stuck or sluggish. Wait to make important decisions until this transit changes by December 7th when Moon no longer transits with Ketu and has moved into Pisces.

Once Mars moves towards the end of the month, past the degree of Ketu, we will be finished with this high tide/low tide dramatic transit of all of the planets hemmed between the planets of Karma.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart One

December 1 Venus becomes sandi at 29 degrees as it moves to Capricorn, whose ruler Saturn is a friend.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Two

December 2 Venus moves to Capricorn at 8:13 am. Though there will be a conjunction of Mars it is wide by degree (Mars is closer to earth in its orbit and moves faster than Venus now).

December 5 Jupiter changes nakshatra from Hasta (Moon) to Chitra (Mars). With Mars transiting exalted in Capricorn, this is a very fortunate Nakshatra for Jupiter while in Virgo. (in addition Jupiter is in Parivartana with Mercury) Good for luck! (another indicator that the price of gold will go further up).

December 10 Sun combusts Saturn at 24’46 – this will be a very difficult transit, especially for those with planets in Scorpio, or planets in any sign around the 24-degree point. For, the dispositor Mars (in Parivartana yoga, exchanging houses) is transiting sandi at 29’ as it weakens leaving its sign of exaltation, Capricorn. Some relief will be felt to this transit as Jupiter will also be transiting at 24 degrees.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Three

December 11 Mars moves to Aquarius

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Six

December 13 Exalted Full Moon in Taurus (Super Moon) a Super Moon is when the Moon is closest to the earth (Perigee). It makes the Moon look MUCH bigger!

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Seven

December 14 the Sun becomes sandi at 29’00 of Scorpio.

December 15 The Sun moves to Sagittarius.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Eight

December 17 Moon will be in own sign of Cancer, exactly opposite Venus in Capricorn. (in Jyotish the Moon has no enemies and the Moon is an enemy to Venus) however Venus is well placed in the sign of Capricorn where it is yoga karaka (the planet that rules an angle and a trine, in this case the trine is Taurus and the angle is Libra) and Venus will be in Sravana, the star of Moon and Moon is in its own sign in the star of Mercury (Sagittarius) who is transiting well in Parivartana Yoga with Jupiter (Virgo)

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Nine

December 18 / 19 the Moon will transit with Rahu, not great for clear thinking, or reflection on the past.

December 19 Mercury goes Retrograde. Keep in mind that all this year the planet Mercury is the dispositor of Jupiter (the ruler of Virgo, the sign Jupiter transits in currently). So we watch the transit of Mercury as it changes signs and goes direct and retrograde as it will influence the efficacy of Jupiter to manifest well. Jupiter rules over Gold so we can now watch Gold in the commodity markets as it is bound to change in this yoga (go even further up in price) the yoga will end in early February. So we can expect Gold to increase in Value as we move into January.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Ten

December 27 Mars has moved a degree from Ketu. The Kala Sarpa yoga for 2016 is now ended. This will improve daily the further Mars gets (at least 8 degrees) away from the degree of Ketu.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Six===Eleven

December 27 Venus goes to 29 (sandi) degrees of Capricorn

December 28 Venus moves to Aquarius

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart 12

December 29 New Moon in Sagittarius

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Thirteen

December 29 / 30 Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. Venus is compromised in transit with Ketu. Venus is the karaka or signifying planet for vehicles. Be very careful travelling.

Planetary Tips Devember 2016 Chart Fourteen

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