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Planetary Tips

August 1st to August 31st 2016

by Vachaspati Christina Collins

We begin the month on the edge of big planetary changes! Eclipses, slow moving Jupiter changing signs to Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio finally going direct and more.

Sun transits midpoint in Cancer in the strong Saturn ruled nakshatra Pushya. Venus just barely moved into Leo conjuncting Mercury Rahu and Jupiter also transiting Leo. Rahu creates “unusual” situations. Rahu with Venus – you either love in an unusual way, or love unusual or off the beaten path things and ideas. Rahu with Mercury can delude the intellectual aspect of the mind. Rahu with Jupiter – can make marriage or marriage like relationships unusual and shadowy. This transit of the north node with Jupiter exhibits more of a material nature than a spiritual one.

Venus and Mercury together generally is a happy connection, though neither are completely comfortable in the fire sign of Leo.

Harsh, intense and demanding Mars has now moved even closer to its worst enemy Saturn and they will come into exact conjunction this month. Mars aspects Saturn, Ketu and the Moon as we begin the month and Saturn aspects Mars, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter. So, this leaves the sign Cancer a bit relived for those of you celebrating a birthday of your Cancer Sun this month! When the Sun transits through Cancer, we pay special attention to the transits of the Moon (the dispositor or ruler of Cancer) as it goes through all 12 signs and all 27 constellations (nakshatras) in a month. Just think about how different this is to say having a Capricorn or Aquarius Sun, ruled by Saturn – the ruler Saturn goes through a sign in 2 ˝ to 3 years instead of 30 days! And we commiserate with these signs for the challenges they have had with Saturn at war with Mars almost the entire journey!

In two weeks the Sun will move into Leo with the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, kicking off the next set of eclipses, Jupiter will move to Virgo and Saturn will begin its direct motion as it heads towards Sagittarius.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart One

August 2 New Moon in Cancer at 4:44 pm EDT

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Two

August 3, 4 and 5 Moon, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter will form a 5 planet conjunction in Leo, in a kendra from Mars and Saturn and all 5 aspected by Saturn. These days, especially so close to a new moon (where the moon is weak due to combustion) may prove very difficult for accomplishing goals or mental clarity.

August 6 Jupiter will enter into the last degree (29’00) of Leo for 5 days before it moves to Virgo for a year!

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Three

August 11 Jupiter Moves to Virgo

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Four

August 13 Saturn goes direct as it moves towards a more neutral Sagittarius position.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Five

August 15 the Sun will become sandi at 29°00 as it casts its shadow into Leo (8:11:09 EDT)

August 16 The Sun moves to Leo

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Six

August 18 Penumbral Lunar eclipse with Sun/Rahu in Leo and Ketu/Moon in Aquarius. Very intense for everyone, especially for the fixed sign people, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This cannot be seen as earth’s shadow will not fall onto the Moon – but it is still Rahu with the Sun in Leo opposite Ketu with the Moon in Aquarius, so wind and fire and volcanos and explosions can still occur with this opposition.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Seven

August 18 Mercury goes sandi at 29 Leo at 3:29:49 EDT

August 18 conjunction of Sun in Leo with Rahu opposite Moon in Aquarius with Ketu. If the degrees of Sun and Moon were closer to the degree of Rahu and Ketu, this would be visible. The shadow of the earth will just miss the Moon. So it may “feel” to us like a lunar eclipse day because of the conjunctions, it will not be visible because of the degrees involved. To see an animation visual of this, visit this link:

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart 18X

August 19 Mercury exalts in Virgo (keep in mind that planets become more stable when they reach one degree of arc – and are weak at 29°00 the end of a sign of 00’00 the beginning of a sign.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Eight

August 24 Mars and Saturn in exact degree in the fixed energy of the sign Scorpio and Venus Sandi at 29 Leo. This conjunction in the same degree of great enemies makes you feel “stuck”. Mars is the planet of action and ambition and Saturn the planet of caution and restriction. So, it’s like you want to go forward but some magnetic pull is holding you back. The Moon will be in the fire sign of Aries, the Sun in the fire sign of Leo and for the first time in a year, will not receive an aspect from Jupiter as it did while Jupiter was in Leo. In fact, this is a difficult Sakata yoga – Jupiter and Moon in a 6/8 axis from each other (enemies/misery). At least it is on a Wednesday, the day of Mercury and Mercury is exalted! Still, take it easy, don’t over exercise, move slowly, don’t rush or speed.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Nine

August 25 Venus moves into Virgo where its debilitation (Neecha) will be cancelled, while exalted Mercury transits along with it. At least until September 10th when Mercury retrogrades back to Leo.

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Ten

August 31 Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo.

September 1 Annular Solar eclipse going across South America. It will last about 3 minutes 42 seconds..

Planetary Tips August 2016 Chart Eleven


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