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Jyotish Star of the Month

Lissa Coffey

By Vachaspati Christina Collins
Interview Date: 05/11/2016

Christina Collins: Lissa, thank you so much for meeting with us today to talk about Ayurveda!

Lissa CoffeyLissa Coffey: I’m a big fan of Jyotish Star, and of you, so thank you!

Christina: Well thank you, and its very mutual! You began your career as an actress, model and spokesperson and have become the lifestyle Guru du jour! What got you started in the fields of Ayurveda, Yoga and health?

Lissa: When my kids were little I was always looking for natural remedies for all kinds of ailments. I ended up putting all this knowledge together in a book that I co-authored called “The Healthy Family Handbook” where I looked at nine different healing modalities. Ayurveda was one of those, and I was hooked! It just made so much sense to me, and it worked – I felt like I had come home. That was 1995. 10 more books later, I’m still doing it!

Christina: Fantastic! Tell us what shifted your focus from acting and modeling to focus on self discovery and helping others with your knowledge. Did you have a particular teacher or spiritual path?

Lissa: There were a few steps in between. I was always spiritual, even as a little kid. I used to read Tarot cards in the girls’ bathroom in the 5th grade. Fast forward to when I got pregnant the first time - I was so morning sick all day that I had to quit working. Instead I took all kinds of classes in healing and spiritual matters, which has been my lifelong passion. Then I was busy with the kids and I’d have music going for them all the time, but I never found any songs that I wanted them to hear. I found that the first words kids ever memorize are words to a song – and the songs were just so silly – I wanted them to memorize positive, empowering messages. So I started writing songs. That turned into creating a record label, making albums, and producing music videos for Nickelodeon and Discovery Kids. That turned into writing parenting books, and becoming the parenting reporter at our local TV station. It just brought all of my passions together to merge media and spirituality and teaching. I first started studying with Deepak Chopra in 1996 and I became a Chopra Certified Instructor. I started my websites and newsletters in 2001. Deepak introduced me to Vedanta, and that’s really where my focus is now. I take classes at The Vedanta Society, and I’m constantly reading and writing and teaching. I love it!

Christina: Wow! I am always learning new things about you – how fantastic! Does your family follow in your footsteps? You are married, with two children, correct?

Lissa: My older son Freddy is in media, he’s a filmmaker in Northern California. And my younger son Brian is studying ministry and working at Fuller Institute. So they each got a different aspect of their mom!

Christina: Oh, how sweet is that! Did you grow up in California where you now live?

Lissa: Yes, I’m a native Californian - I grew up in Palo Alto, and I went to UCLA for school and ended up staying in Southern California.

Christina: I join you in that, I was born in Hollywood, CA myself. Where did you first study Ayurveda? I know you mentioned you have connections to Dr. Deepak Chopra ?

Lissa: I started out studying with Deepak, and I also took David Frawley’s course, and I studied with Dr. Lad, who wrote the forward to my Dosha book, and also online with MUM. I’m certified as an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant. And a lot is self-taught, too. You should see my library! I never wanted to be an Ayurvedic Practitioner or doctor so I didn’t pursue that. My strength is more as a communicator, and I’ve been told that shows in my chart. I feel like I’ve been an “ambassador” for Ayurveda. My What’s Your Dosha, Baby? book came out in 2004, twelve years ago, and it’s still selling strong. It’s the first book ever written on Ayurveda and Relationships. Twelve years ago I thought Ayurveda would be the next big thing, but luckily it’s catching on big-time now – I was just a bit ahead of things!

Christina: I love that book! and your husband Greg works with you?

Lissa: Greg started DharmaSmart, our online store, about 3 years ago. We’re a one-stop-shop for everything Ayurveda, with lots for meditation and yoga practices, too.

Christina: Well I certainly shop with you at DharmaSmart and love it! So much of the focus of your work as a lifestyle coach and relationship expert circle around spirit and meditation, have you spent much time in Asia or India?

Lissa: I first went to India in 2005 on a group trip with Deepak. It changed my life, and I knew I’d be back. I was there again in 2014 when we filmed The Ayurveda Experience, the online course I did with Transformative Learning Solutions. The course is amazing. 7 ½ hours of content, and so beautifully done, very authentic Ayurveda. It’s what I wish I had when I was first learning Ayurveda. My friends at TLS are really my family now, so I will definitely be back to India again soon.

Christina: How did you get started with your YouTube channel Coffeytalk?

Lissa: YouTube has been a great way to get information out. People want to be entertained as well as informed, and with short attention spans they want it in small chunks. Video is perfect for that. And with my TV background it was just a natural progression, another way to reach people. We have more than 500 videos up now, and more than 1.2 million views!

Christina: Bravo, that is fantastic! I first met you a few years ago, when I was speaking at the NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico when you interviewed me for your YouTube channel. I must tell you that I bought
my first Himalayan Salt Inhaler from your Dharma Shop online and it literally cured my asthma as I use it on a regular basis – so Thank You for that! and your wonderful advice and articles in your newsletter.

Lissa: I love that! Thank you! Those salt inhalers are amazing – one of our best sellers. The natural way, as in Ayurveda, is always to try the least invasive remedy first – and this is such a great solution for so many people. We have salt in our bodies. This is just a wonderful, beautiful way of addressing all kinds of imbalances. I have a salt inhaler, too. No more allergy problems!

Christina: You have authored many at least seven books and many kindle books on many spiritual and support of life subjects as well as having your very successful YouTube channel where you interview people from all walks of life! What is your favorite book you’ve written?

Lissa: I just put out book #11 this year! I can’t really pick a favorite, because books really are like children. They’re all different, and special, and I went through labor pains with each one. But right now I have to say that “Bhakti” is the one that feels closest to me. The subtitle is “108 Prayers of Devotion.” It’s probably my most personal book, I call it poetic prayer, and I hope that it inspires people to write their own poems or prayers. I wrote much of the prayers while I was in India. I am moving more and more towards the spiritual both in my work and in my life. Greg and I are currently building a Vastu home, and we will have a dedicated meditation room.

Christina: You recently wrote a book on diet and lifestyle changes, what is your advice, besides buying the book of course to people who want to clear their systems and lose those extra winter pounds?

Lissa: There’s a big fad about “detoxing” right now – and it can be dangerous. The best thing is to get yourself on a good diet and lifestyle routine and stick with it. Vaidya Mishra is my mentor, he has taught me so much about Ayurveda, real, authentic, Ayurveda. I’ve done several videos with him, he has so much wisdom and knowledge, I could listen to Vaidya Mishra talk all day! Eat for your dosha, eat with the seasons, and avoid tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, onion and garlic. When you’re in balance you’re naturally healthy and a good weight. Don’t stress about numbers on a scale. Focus on how you feel and how much energy you have. I’m an Ayurvedic vegan and there is plenty of great food to choose from – I never go hungry! The main point I want to get across to people is that you have to look at all four areas of your life. It’s not just about your body. It’s body, mind, spirit, and space. Your environment plays a big part in your health and state of mind. Clear out the clutter – all that “stuff” you don’t need or want, and all that emotional clutter that is keeping you stuck. It’s very freeing.

Christina: Such sage and wonderful advice! I also noticed on one of your websites that you have the 9 Day Ayurveda Challenge which is a brand new program! Could you tell us more about that?

Lissa: It’s free! So much on my site is free. People can sign up and get just 9 days of tips to help them get started living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. They can also take the dosha quiz, get a free mini course called “Ananda: Blissful Living” and read articles, get dietary guidelines for the doshas and so much more.

Christina: Thank you for your SEVA Lissa, and tell us, what is it in your natal chart that shows what a great entrepreneur you are? Is it your 5th house and purva punya?

Lissa: I don’t know! You are the expert, you have to tell me, please. I have had my chart done, but I’m a Vata, and I can’t remember which planet is where! Jyotish is so fascinating. I do know that in western astrology I’m a Taurus and in Jyotish I’m an Aries. I relate to both of those in different ways.

Christina: Do you mind sharing your chart with our readers? I am sure they would enjoy studying it!

Lissa: Happy to share! My birthday is April 25, 1961. I was born at 6:33 pm in Palo Alto, California. I’d love to get the scoop, especially on where I’m headed next! Life is a grand adventure.

Christina: Beautiful, Libra rising with exalted Venus in the 6th house – no wonder you serve so many people in so many ways, not to mention the exalted Sun in Aries, very nice!

Christina: Thank you Lissa for such a wonderful interview, it has been a true pleasure and I applaud you for your beautiful selfless way you help so many people!

Lissa: Thank you for all you do, Christina. You are truly an inspiration!

Lissa Coffey Biography:

Lissa CoffeyLissa Coffey is a lifestyle, relationship and wellness expert who serves up an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style on her website and in her e-mail newsletters. She is the host of the popular CoffeyTalk web series on youtube. Lissa is the author of nine books, including the bestselling What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. Lissa started her television career at ABC-TV, and went on to run Bamboo Entertainment, Inc., which produces product in nearly every form of media.

A sought-after guest expert, Lissa Coffey appears frequently on television and radio and contributes to many national publications with her insightful and compassionate approach to modern-day issues. Her e-mail newsletters are enjoyed around the world by a steadily growing subscriber base. Lissa is a certified instructor with The Chopra Center, and Deepak Chopra is her
mentor. Chopra says of Lissa: “Your heart will thank you for Lissa’s helpful and heartful vision.” Lissa holds degrees and certification in Sociology, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

Bamboo Entertainment, Inc.
4607 Lakeview Cyn Rd. Suite 181
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Phone: 818-707-7127 (USA) ÷ e-mail: - Full bio, resume, photos and reel:

Christina Collins Biography:

<b>Christina</b> CollinsChristina Collins, Jyotish Visharada, CVA, Jyotish Kovid, ICAS and CVA, Jyotish Vachaspati, ICAS ,Jyotish Medha Pragya, ICAS, Jyotish Mahasagara from Raman and Rajeshwari Foundation 2013, Jyotish Navaratna ACVA, 2014 is a third generation Astrologer specializing in the Vedic system.

She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Council for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India, from CVA (Council for Vedic Astrology, USA),from the ICAS in Bangalore 2012, from the Raman and Rajeshwari Foundation in 2013 and from ACVA (American College of Vedic Astrology) 2014.

As a founding member, she currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American College for Vedic Astrology (ACVA online), and was former
Editor of the ACVA News. President of Celestial Resource (The Timing Coach) she serves corporate and private clients from students to celebrities. For the Jyotish Star you can reach her in Boulder CO at

Christina's Consultation Contact information:

Christina Collins, J.K., J.V.
Editor in Chief The Jyotish Star
Lafayette, (Boulder County) CO, USA
web site:
phone: 303-665-9996

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